Running Strace in Docker

I’ve been reverse engineering a new application setup and seemed like an appropriate place to try out docker. Spinning up a lightweight and reproducible environment is the goal and containerization is a reasonably efficient way to accomplish that. As I was looking into a problem with getting some services running properly, with little debug output and sparse documentation, I reached for the old trusty strace to see what was going on. [Read More]

Prevent SSH Attacks Using DenyHosts

Introduction If you have any servers that are running SSH and listening on a public net connection, its a good idea to prevent against dictionary attacks, since they are the simplest way to gain entry. You can get an idea of who is connecting or attempting to connect by viewing your ssh log which is located at /var/log/secure on Redhat or /var/log/auth.log on Debian. There is an easy tool that you can install to deal with this attack called DenyHosts. [Read More]