Looking Under the Covers of StatsD

Intro StatsD is a network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics, like counters and timers. Packets are then sent to one or more pluggable backend services. The default service is Graphite. Every 10 seconds the stats sent to StatsD are aggregated and forwarded on to this backend service. It can be useful to see what stats are going through both sides of the connection – from the client to StatsD and then from StatsD to Graphite. [Read More]

Node.js, Websockets, and the Twitter Gardenhose

Introduction In this article I’m going to demonstrate how to use the Twitter Streaming API to send a stream of status updates for real time display in a web browser using Web Sockets. We’ll implement a backend server module that streams the events over a web socket using the node.websocket.js framework, which provides a simple realtime HTTP server that implements the web socket protocol. Node.websocket.js is built on top of Node. [Read More]