Attach Progress Bars to Everyday Linux Commands With Pipe Viewer

Introduction A lot of Linux command line utilities don’t give any indication of progress in terms of when the job is going to finish. I’m going to take a couple of commands that I use on a near daily basis and show how to output some progress using the pipe viewer utility. This is a handy tool that you can insert between pipes in your shell commands that will give you a visual indication of how long its going to take for the command to finish. [Read More]

Compile the Linux Kernel and Create Distributable Debian Packages

Introduction Compiling a kernel is actually a fairly easy thing to do these days. I’m going to go over how to do this on a Debian box since that happens to be my distro of choice. This will work just as well on Ubuntu. You can always wait for the packaged version, but you’ll always be a little behind some of the cutting edge features. This method allows you to get the latest upgrades that are incorporated into the kernel, or even to apply cutting edge kernel patches against the kernel source. [Read More]