Deploying A Catalyst App on Private Hosting

Intro In the last post I wrote about deploying Catalyst on shared hosting. While shared hosting may seem attractive pricewise, you’ll quickly grow out of it, and it makes sense to move to hosting with some more control if you are serious about your website. There are lots of choices when it comes to where you may want to host, and if you are looking for virtual options, Slicehost, Linode, prgmr, or even Amazon EC2 are great choices. [Read More]

Deploying a Catalyst App on Shared Hosting

Intro People have long complained that one of the tricky things about perl is the deployment phase, much because of the intricacies of mod_perl and its unfriendliness towards shared environments. In fact, I would highly recommend FastCGI over mod_perl since it is quite easy to understand and configure. This post is going to focus on smaller shared hosting environments, and how easy it can be to quickly deploy a Catalyst web app. [Read More]