Using Mongo and Map Reduce on Apache Access Logs

Introduction With more and more traffic pouring into websites, it has become necessary to come up with creative ways to parse and analyze large data sets. One of the popular ways to do that lately is using MapReduce which is a framework used across distributed systems to help make sense of large data sets. There are lots of implementations of the map/reduce framework but an easy way to get started is by using MongoDB. [Read More]

Using SQLT to Create Database Diffs

Overview Database diffs can be useful for a variety of use cases, from outputting the differences in your development versus production schema to full blown database versioning systems. A database diff is similar in nature to a file diff, but instead of outputting the differences between two files, it will output the set of alterations to be made to bring one databases schema in sync with another. There are a variety of tools that will accomplish this for you, but I am going to use a tool called SQL::Translator. [Read More]